PowerShell ModuleManager 2023

PowerShell ModuleManager 2023

The essential tool for centrally managing all PowerShell modules installed on your machine.

  • Search the PowerShell Gallery or any other repository for new modules.
  • Install, remove or temporarily disable modules.
  • Keep modules up-to-date.
  • Remove duplicate and outdated versions of modules to prevent version confusion.
  • Filter and find specific modules on your machine.
  • View detailed module information at a glance.
  • Move and organize module locations.
  • Manage modules on remote machines.
  • Publish modules to a repository.

Whether you are a PowerShell beginner or expert, PowerShell modules are an important resource for your script development. PowerShell ModuleManager makes it easy to search and manage modules installed on your local or remote machine, ensuring that your modules are always up to date.

Find yourself with too many versions of the same module? PowerShell ModuleManager prevents version confusion by removing duplicates and outdated versions for modules.

PowerShell ModuleManager also allows you to easily see module information such as descriptions, release notes, version information, tags, dependencies, and commands. Search repositories, like the PowerShell Gallery, to install new modules and see details about the module to help you decide if this is the module for your needs.

Key Features

Remote Module Management

Keep track of your remote connections and manage modules on remote machines.

Publish Modules

Share modules by publishing them to online repositories like the PowerShell Gallery.

Search and Filter

Search and filter through modules you currently have installed. Sort through modules by Status, Name, Author, or Description.

Manage Repositories

PowerShell ModuleManager makes managing repositories simple. Update, publish, and source locations of existing repositories, or add a new repository. If you don't use a repository anymore, then delete it.

View Detailed Module Information

PowerShell ModuleManager allows you to easily see module information such as descriptions, release notes, version information, tags, dependencies, and commands.

Search Repositories

Search different repositories for modules by name, tag, command, or filter. See module information before installing a new module from a repository.

Module Status

Every PowerShell module found in the PSModulePath variable is given a status to help you identify and differentiate between system modules to modules that have updates.

Disable Modules

If you are not sure you want to uninstall a particular version of a module, then try disabling it. Disabling moves that version to a separate folder where you can later re-enable.

Check for Module Updates

It's easy to keep modules current—when PowerShell ModuleManager launches, the application will indicate if updates are available for installed modules

Manage Module Versions

PowerShell ModuleManager can help to prevent version confusion by removing duplicates and outdated versions of modules.

Move Modules

If a module is installed in the wrong location, move the module to any location defined in the PSModulePath variable.

This product features PowerShell specific capabilities.
This product features PowerShell specific capabilities.
Latest Version: 1.2.17
  • Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 or Windows 10/11, 64-bit versions supported
  • Windows PowerShell
  • 55MB free disk space
  • 2GB RAM (Recommended for Windows PowerShell)
  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • NuGet installed via PowerShell
  • Visual Studio 2015-2022 Runtime
Available as:
  • Perpetual License - requires an internet connection for activation.
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Screenshot Gallery

PowerShell ModuleManager
PowerShell ModuleManager
Repository Search
Repository Search
Available Versions
Available Versions
Registered Repositories
Registered Repositories
Filter Installed
Filter Installed
Update all modules
Update all modules
Remotely manage modules
Remotely manage modules
Publish to repositories
Publish to repositories
Disable modules
Disable modules

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Mar 11, 2022
"Great work. I really enjoy this product."


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