PrimalScript is such a great tool. It was my go-to for any scripting needs, and I still miss using it to this day. Can't recommend this product highly enough!

- Ryan Aubrey, 07/15/2019

...made me three times the scripter than I was before.

- Jarvis Davis, TechEd 2014, 05/14/2014

I personally think that SAPIEN has hit the mark once again.

- Jason Helmick, 03/23/2014

It is a must-have tool that all true developers should have in their personal or business toolkit!

- Robert Batson, 07/13/2013
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…brings you a wealth of features - plus the bonus of support for languages like VBScript, JScript, and so on, all in the same package, and all with the same toolset.

- Don Jones on PrimalScript 2009, 06/02/2010

Keep it up guys, during the years I have seen the product and getting better with each release... You really made my job as a dev much much easier!

- Daniele Catanesi on LinkedIn, 12/05/2018
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I am finding new functionality in this tool it seems every 1/2 hour. I wish I had found this tool a long time ago. I had to personally pay for it but its already gotten me my end of year bonus and paid for itself many times over.

- InBoise, customer, 08/25/2017

Still without a doubt the most productive IDE I have worked with in 20 years! Keep up the great work!

- Ken, Blog Reader and customer, 01/19/2017

...the best IDE I have used in my career of 20+ years as a developer. Please keep up the great work!

- Ken, Blog reader and customer, 03/14/2016

I cannot say this enough. Sapien has created a perfect scripting environment.

- jlevy1126, reddit user, 11/18/2015

...a premium script editor that was written by PowerShell scripters, for PowerShell scripters.

- Timothy Warner, Pluralsight Trainer, 06/12/2015
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Best software purchase I've ever made... and there's fantastic support in the community.

- Noel Stephenson, Blog Post Commenter, 06/12/2015
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Pretty slick stuff... nice and clean... coolness."

- Matt, MWJ Computing, 05/07/2015

Love the product. It's awesome and saves me tons of time.

- toreador, 01/09/2015

I really love it! I love the fact that we can create VERY easily awesome GUI's.

- Stéphane van Gulick, 10/03/2014

#PowerShell Studio 2014 by @SAPIENTech just increased my love for #posh by 10 fold! love it!

- Thomas @PowerShellSith, 05/06/2014

I use PowerShell studio. Love it! I HIGHLY recommend it!

- Gary L Jackson @theotherkidd, 05/05/2014

Really great tool for any PowerShellers! Snippets, GUI, Function Browser... Awesomeness

- François-Xavier Cat, 02/25/2014

PowerShell Studio is a dream. Always finding new stuff that's incredibly useful.

- Kevin Kirkpatrick, 02/24/2014

I was literally blown away by what PowerShell Studio at first glance has to offer.

- Petr Vanicek, 12/01/2013
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PowerShell Studio gives you the tools you need to bring your PowerShell tasks to successful completion.

- Vinith Menon, 07/31/2013

If you spend a lot of time writing PowerShell code there's just no better ISE out there.

- Jon Boulineau, New SQL Blog, 03/14/2013

The 'Bruce Almighty' of all the PowerShell ISEs!

- Manoj Ravikumar Nair, 01/15/2013

…by far is the most comprehensive tool of any on the market.

- Robert C. Cain, ArcaneCode, 06/20/2012
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I do believe you have finally shot the blank stare monster when it comes to automated version control.

- Ed Patterson, 04/16/2014

For a product that bills itself as simple and easy, VersionRecall certainly delivers.

- Don Jones, 04/15/2014
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This may finally be the source control product I've been waiting for...

- jhicks, 07/01/2013

This app is really awesome!

- Srinath, 06/06/2013

This is a PrimalXML review!

- me, 12/01/2021

I've always loved the way their products make my work/life easier. They just keep delivering.

- Thomas Ross on LinkedIn, 06/22/2018
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...a great asset for PowerShell professionals looking to create complete help documentation

- Jeff Hicks, 05/22/2015
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