On-Site Training

SAPIEN offers premier on-site interactive Windows PowerShell training customized for your organization.

Whether you have novices or advanced users, system administrators or developers (or both), our classes are designed to help students become knowledgeable, confident, independent, and efficient users of Windows PowerShell.

Our training uses an interactive concept-task format that continually engages students in hands-on activities to reinforce learning. Every student leaves the class with a Windows PowerShell profile full of custom commands that they can use immediately to improve their productivity on the job.

Our 2-day and 5-day classes assume no prior Windows PowerShell experience. Each class begins with the syntax of the Windows PowerShell language, working with objects, and combining simple commands ("cmdlets") in a pipeline. It progresses to common administrative tasks, including managing numerous remote computers on-site and in the cloud

Other topics include:

  • Discovering and exploring new cmdlets and modules
  • Using the Help system
  • Using Windows PowerShell operators and regular expressions
  • Using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) in Windows PowerShell
  • Multitasking with background jobs and scheduled tasks
  • And more…

We find that the ideal class is no larger than 20 students. Our instructor is continually engaged with students, so while it is best if all students are in the classroom, we can also accommodate remote students. The training fee includes a copy of the textbook used to teach the class and complimentary trial versions of SAPIEN development tools.

You supply the classroom space and computers, and we will supply the trainer. Contact us for availability and costs (sales@sapien.com).