Self-Paced Training

SAPIEN's original PowerShell Training video set produced and taught by Don Jones, is now posted to YouTube.

Designed and delivered by industry experts, these classes include everything from hands-on exercises and self-assessment quizzes to detailed sample scripts and conceptual animations. Far more than a narrated slide deck or "CBT video," each Video delivers hours of detailed technological instruction.

If you prefer to learn by reading, or are looking for a good reference, check out Windows PowerShell™ 4: TFM by Jason Helmick and Mike Robbins

Windows PowerShell Video Set

While these videos were originally created in 2008, there is still a great deal of valid and valuable information contained in this set.

The video set consists of 4 DVDs: PowerShell Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced and What's New for V2. The original videos have been segmented into individual chapters for easier viewing. Each chapter is uploaded in its original 720p high-def format, so they look great on-line. The full set is available on our YouTube channel.

Want a taste of what it's all about? Watch the first chapter in the series below.

Chapter 1 - Architecture and Overview